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Moving beyond disaster preparation. Helping communities unlock their own challenge readiness to all types of shocks and stresses.

The Resilience Canopy is on a mission to advance community-led resilience in a new way.

Communities know their challenges better than anyone else.  With the right skills, connections, resources and support, they have the greatest chance at withstanding and adapting to disruptions like natural hazards and societal stressors.  

Resilience Tree

The Resilience Canopy

A nation-wide movement to build strong and challenge-ready communities.

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The Resilience Canopy will be delivered side by side with communities and partners, growing to reach a target of 2000 practitioners and 500 resilient communities by 2030.

We’re developing multiple pathways to strengthen Australia’s resilience


Upskilling and mentoring an Australia wide network of community resilience practitioners to lead their communities on a resilience building journey.


Using our unique six-step engagement approach, our trained Canopy Collective practitioners support their communities to explore strategies and actions to overcome their identified challenges – be it fires, floods or social disruptions. 


With their priorities in hand, we help connect communities with enabling partners wishing to invest in communities through cash and in-kind support – amplifying their efforts and outcomes. 


We provide an online platform for the growing network of capable, connected and more resilient Canopy Communities, Practitioners and Partners to share their insights, access resources and match need with investment. 

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It only takes a few people to learn a skill for a whole community to benefit.

By upskilling local people in community resilience building, communities can explore their own priorities and actions to overcome their identified challenges.

The Canopy Collective will be Australia’s largest network of trained community resilience practitioners. 

Learn about the six-step engagement approach to building community resilience and the social benefit of community-led approaches at training courses. 

Support the program

We’re seeking partners from everywhere in Australia to join the movement.  Whether you’re a small business, a corporate giant, a local council or a motivated community member, you can make a difference.

Reach out to our team to find out more.

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group resilience training

Resilient Communities

Natural and human-caused risks are increasing. The most vulnerable communities are most often hit hardest. 

Imagine the impact if by 2030, 500 Australian communities were empowered and activated to design their own resilient future, so they can be ready for future challenges.


We use the Six -Step Future Ready Communities engagement model and Resilience Building Framework that empowers communities to establish a shared vision of what resilience looks like for them and develop place-based strategies to thrive.  

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