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The Resilience Canopy Team

About Us

The Resilience Canopy is a nation-wide program with a growing network of partners and communities. 

Building and sharing knowledge about ways to build resilient communities, this evolving community of practice aims to create a ripple effect that will embed itself for generations. By supporting all communities to thrive, we ensure our most disadvantaged don't fall further behind when disaster strikes.


The Resilience Canopy is a registered Not For Profit organisation in Australia. With the dedicated support of our Legacy philanthropic partners, we are committed to ensuring 100% of donations made to community projects goes directly to those communities in greatest need.

Meet the Team

Bringing together the training, community engagement, partnership and resources behind the program.

Brett Ellis ESM

Founder of ResilientCo and The Resilience Canopy, Brett is well known and highly regarded for his positive impact on local and state government emergency management, public safety, environmental management, risk management and societal resilience. Brett is also independent director of Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation.

Managing Director

Natalie Staaks

A change leader and crisis management guru, Natalie’s extensive experience heading up state and local government teams has led to building the solid foundations for The Resilience Canopy’s community of practice and partner program.

Head of Mission

Maree Grenfell

A widely-respected name in resilience and community development circles, Maree brings her wide-ranging experience in co-design, facilitation and resilience building to designing The Resilience Canopy’s training program.

Head of Training

Dean Griggs

A highly strategic thinker and connector of people and communities, Dean has led disaster response, community resilience and city safety programs across Tasmania and Victoria for the last 2 decades.

Head of Government Relations

Tia Baptista

As the resident expert in policy design, Tia’s knowledge of facilitating community connection and resilience through holistic approaches has shaped The Resilience Canopy’s training approach and program roll-out.

Training Developer

Sally Hutchinson

An established leader in community engagement for the past two decades, Sally’s ‘people-first’ approach has shaped the The Resilience Canopy’s approach to bringing all partners along the journey.

Head of Communities

Shannon Bakker

Well-known for making the complex into the simple, Shannon brings 15+ years of strategic communications leadership from the issues-rich government and emergency sector to make the impact of The Resilience Canopy shine.

Head of Marketing

Jeremy O'Meara

Jeremy brings 14+ years designing and developing digital products to bring us Canopy House, our forthcoming program portal which will work as beautifully as it will look.

Head of User Experience and Canopy House

Mirna Arivalagan

Mirna's superpowers in data management, visualisation, predictive analytics and evaluation ensures Canopy partners and communities can maximise their impact to build resilience.

Head of Resilience Data

Founding Partners


Brett Ellis and the team at ResilientCo are experts in resilience strategy, disaster and risk management, and community resilience practice.  Brett pioneered the Six Step Future Ready Communities model while working with fire-affected communities in Victoria.

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ResilienctCo Logo

The Minderoo Foundation

The Minderoo Foundation takes on tough persistent issues with the potential to drive massive change. The Foundation incubates ideas, advocates for systems change and accelerates positive impact.


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Minderoo Foundation logo

Resilient Cities Catalyst 

An independent nonprofit organization with a mission to Help cities and communities create catalytic change to solve their most pressing challenges.

Resilient Cities Catalyst works with cities to ensure that their investments, innovations and partnerships are leveraged to bring the greatest value now and into the future.

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Resilient Cities Catalyst Logo

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