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What is the Resilience Canopy?

What is The Resilience Canopy?

The Resilience Canopy is a new nationwide movement to build strong and challenge-ready communities, able to adapt to future shocks and stresses. 

We’re building a community of practice around self-led resilience. The Canopy connects communities with the skills they need to lead their own future ready plans and to a network of partners who can help deliver on those plans through investment, expertise or in-kind support. 

We’re looking for communities who are ready to build their resilience and for partners to join and provide support. 

The Resilience Canopy, we’re developing four connected pathways to strengthen Australia’s resilience. 

Training. The first step begins with our Resilience Practitioner Training. We’re upskilling and mentoring an Australia-wide network of community resilience practitioners to lead their communities on their resilience building journey and help tap into the networks that can help them. 

Engaging- Using our unique six-step engagement approach, our trained Canopy Collective practitioners  support their communities to explore strategies and actions to overcome their identified challenges – be it fires, floods or social disruptions.  

Connecting - With their priorities in hand, we help connect communities with enabling partners wishing to invest in communities through cash and in-kind support – amplifying their efforts and outcomes.  

 Sharing – We’ll provide an online platform for the growing network of capable, connected and more resilient Canopy Communities, practitioners and partners to share their insights, access resources and match need with investment 

The Resilience Canopy is a Not For Profit organisation, powered by ResilientCo, Resilient Cities Catalyst and with foundation funding from Minderoo Foundation.

This means that 100% of funding intended for communities goes directly to those communities.

The Resilience Canopy is more than just a program delivered by a not for profit organisation. The Canopy is driving a nationwide movement in community-led resilience building.


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