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Grants! Training! New Things in 2024

Our goal for 2024 is to activate dozens of communities to take their first steps to build resilience.


We know it takes more than just enthusiasm to begin the process, so The Resilience Canopy will be rolling out activation grants  over several rounds to communities ready to take that step. 


Round one of grants has already been opened to practitioners and communities who were part of our first 3 training cohorts in 2023. Recipients will be announced soon.


$25,000 is available to registered ‘Canopy Communities’ to help them on their resilience building journey when applying the Six-Step Future Communities Engagement Model

Completing the training or connecting with a trained Practitioner is a pre-requisite to apply for Activation grants. 


To coincide with the grants and help more practitioners to activate their communities, we’ve opened up practitioner training dates from March to May across Victoria, NSW and WA.


Register now for

7-18 March in Blacktown NSW ,         21-28 March in Kempsey NSW

4-12 April in Gingin, WA         and      16-23 May in South Melbourne, VIC.


Or, register your interest in upcoming dates across Australia, to be published soon.



Our story so far

▪️The Resilience Canopy registered as a not for profit company

▪️ We’ve trained 76 practitioners across three States

▪️We’ve kicked off the Canopy Collective (our trained practitioners mentoring and collaboration network) with  industry specialists and exciting speakers

▪️Millgrove became our first Canopy Community and we have several more getting ready to launch.

▪️ We launched this Version 1 website

In 2024

▪️We’ll be launching our Canopy House portal – the online home for communities and practitioners to share, connect and seek help from potential partners.

 ▪️We'll have even more local governments and potential partners come on board. 

▪️We'll distribute dozens of activation grants to communities over the next two years.


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