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Collective Wisdom - Meeting Maureen

The smiling faces say it all. The Canopy Collective met for our first session of 2024 with special guest Maureen Halit of Millgrove Resident Action group, sharing her wisdom about their community resilience building journey.

There are plenty of stories here at The Canopy about the Millgrove community resilience building journey and how It became the start of our entire movement. For the Collective, having that story told from the heart, by the incredibly positive and inspiring Maureen, brought home that big things are possible.

Maureen’s advice about thinking big, but starting small and build a strong foundation, layer by layer resonated strongly as she described the momentum building for Millgrove and the major opportunities and partners they have now.

And of course.. Love Where You Live. A mantra to be found at the heart of any community minded organisation.

The Canopy Collective is our collaboration network for practitioners who have trained with The Resilience Canopy. It’s a national network to support resilience practitioners to learn, share and experiment together in the field of community-led resilience planning and building.

Facilitated by the talented Josie Gisbon, together with Maree Grenfell and Tia Baptista, the Collective is guided expertly through peer-mentoring, guest-speakers and masterclasses.

Over this 90 minute session, there were reflections about challenges and emerging opportunities. Musings about how to get buy in from employers to do this kind of community work, and a few, “hey, I might be able to help you with that” offers being suggested .

That’s exactly at the heart of what the Collective can do. Be a sharing, supporting, problem solving space to tackle

You can be part of the Canopy Collective by taking part in our Resilience Canopy Practitioner Training and you’ll get free membership for 24 months. Find out more


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