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Building social capital in communities

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Millgrove Residents Action Group President Maureen Hallit had the chance to describe her community's journey towards resilience this week at a community social capital forum.

Facilitated by Emergency Management Victoria and Resilient Ready with Professor Daniel Aldrich, the forum showcased community-led projects focussing on social infrastructure and community connection.

Millgrove, a community with one of the highest bushfire risks in Victoria, was selected to develop a community resilience plan under a pilot involving ResilientCo, the Minderoo Foundation and the Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience. Using the Six-Step Future Ready Communities Engagement Model, the Millgrove Residents Action Group were taken through a process to unpack the risks and opportunities in their community before developing and testing with the broader community a series of priorities designed to increase their resilience.

Millgrove has a community resilience plan in place and work underway to bring their priorities to life. Since the priorities were developed, the small community has attracted both funding support and practical help aligned to their outcomes. We were proud to support Maureen yesterday as she shared the story behind the work in her community and explained the partnerships, challenges and achievements in developing their resilience priorities. Learn more about the Millgrove Community Resilience Plan:


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